Road routes

Rose Rudman Park

This is a paved pathway that casual riders and runners use in the heart of the city.

This pathway is perfect for cruiser or townie bikes as well as kids as there are no cars to deal with and no off road sections to worry about.

Always stay to the right and only pass runners on the left.

Make sure to let your presence be knows when approaching runners so as to avoid collisions.

High speed riding is not recommended here due to the amount of pedestrian traffic.

This is a beautiful pathway with several areas to stop and have a picnic. If you want to enjoy the sunshine at 6mph on a breezy Sunday afternoon, this is the place to be.

A good place to park is the hotel on Grande just off of Broadway. You can even follow the pathway down Grande if you want to get some extra distance and speed, just keep in mind there are some pretty long hills.

Elite Bicycles

This is the Elite Bicycles Tuesday Night Ride, 32 miles long route.

Getting out of town there are a few turns to learn but once you’re out of the city it turns into a very pleasant ride with not much traffic.

On Old Noonday there are a few bumps and pot holes to look out for.

155 is brilliantly smooth but does have debris from time to time. There is a good amount of traffic, but the shoulder is very wide making it a comfortable place to ride.

344 has just been re surfaced with chip-seal although it doesn’t seem too rough. This is the toughest part of the ride in terms of traffic as the shoulder is pretty much non-existent anymore.

Coming back to Tyler from Teasleville is very smooth with low traffic.

Coming back into town there are several turns to look out for once you’re inside of Hollytree.

The full route is roughly 33 miles.

Fresh Road Race Course in Whitehouse

Located a few miles southeast of Tyler is an 18 mile loop with a good amount of climbing and some very pretty scenery.

Bascom road is chip seal with a small shoulder. Traffic is good although it depends on the time of day.

Old Omen is worn in chip seal so it’s fairly smooth.

East Side Road is very smooth and has plenty of rollers to have fun on.

346 is rough chip seal. TXDOT took this section of road from being a 9/10 on a bike or in a car to about a 4/10. This is the worst part of the ride.

Coming back into Whitehouse it’s very open and smooth.

A loop is roughly 18 miles.

Lake Hawkins Loop Around The Lake

A great place for new and experienced riders to go for a good road riding experience.

Traffic is low and speed limits are slow.

The loop is very pretty and the pavement is generally smooth. If it weren’t for the drive to Lake Hawkins being so far from the shop I’d ride there at lunch every day.

A loop is roughly 10 miles.

“Rollers” from Owens Elementary

This is the Sunday long route.

A great ride with smooth roads and pretty scenery.

There are a few sections crossing pasture type areas that the cross winds can be a challenge. Going up the rollers is a great workout, and coming back down the rollers is a ton of high speed fun. This is a great route for advanced and novice riders alike.

There is not a “Rollers” Strava route… yet.

Start at Owens Elementary on Saline Creek Road in Gresham, Texas and head to Old Palestine Rd, ride to 346 and continue to Teasleville, Turn left on 344 and ride to 2137, before getting into Bullard at the bottom of a hill. Turn right on 2137 and go to 855, this is the road that the “Rollers” are on, turn left on 855 and ride to highway 69. Turn around and ride back.

Full route is roughly 40 miles.

Tri Tyler Half Course

Ouch. That’s all I can say.

56 miles of climbing, sun, more climbing, and pain.

Steve Farris designed this course and uses it to punish athletes that enter his race. If you’re wanting a hard ride, here it is.

Tri Tyler Olympic Course

This is a great ride for riders that still want some climbing, but don’t want to knock out a 56 mile ride.

This is a very pretty course that takes you down the beautiful Yarbrough Lane south of Whitehouse.

This route is 24 miles.

“Wednesday Nighter” from Simpsons

This ride starts from Simpsons Fitness and Adventure Sports just outside of Whitehouse and rides just south of Whitehouse.

This is a very pretty route with some fun climbing. One cool feature of this route is you can add on other routes to suit your distance goal.

This route is roughly 28 miles.


This is a 12 mile loop south of Tyler that makes you climb Killer Hill (aka The Beast).

Generally covered in a Clockwise direction you’ll have a high average speed going down highway 69.

When you turn right onto 2493 next to KE Cellers you’ll get onto chip seal and continue for a few miles.

Take 2493 to 177 and turn right and you’ll immediately get on smooth pavement. This road will have you climb the mini beast, let you recover, then throw you into climbing the real deal.

You’ll T into highway 69 where you can go for as many laps as you choose, or turn left and go to the gas station for some cookies.

One loop is 12 miles.

Beauty & The Beast Full Route

This is the full route for the 67 mile B&B tour/race.

The Strava link ends at the top of Killer Hill as that is the finish line for the race group.

At the top of Killer Hill you will turn right onto highway 69 and finish the ride at KE Cellers.

Total distance is 67 miles.