East Texas Triathletes is a non-profit, 501c3 organization focused on promoting health and fitness through endurance sports.

We are a long-standing club with dozens of members located across East Texas and even into Shreveport, La.

Our goal is to promote triathlon to all ages and abilities.

Triathlon Growth

Triathlon as a sport has consistently grown over the last seventeen years.

In the past, USAT annual and one day memberships stood at 127,824.

Now memberships stand around 477,000 and are continually growing at around a 5% increase each year. Female participation has also grown 10% in the last 14 years.

Demographics / Psychographics

59.6% of participants are male and 39.5% of participants are female C-Level executives who are well educated.

Major age range is from 25-39 making up 50% of participants Average Income- $126,000.

Triathletes are passionate, loyal and lifestyle-minded, with a heavy Type A personality trait.